Technical information

Technical Data Sheet

Automotive Lubricants
Engine Oils
Cars and Vans
Wolver UltraTec 5W-30Download
Wolver UltraTec 5W-40Download
Wolver SuperTec 5W-30Download
Wolver SuperTec 5W-40Download
Wolver Super Light 10W-40Download
Wolver Super Dynamic 10W-40Download
Wolver Super Dynamic 15W-40Download
Wolver Super Traffic 10W-40Download
Commercial vehicles, stationary equipment
Wolver Turbo Truck 10W-40 Download
Wolver Turbo Max 15W-40Download
Wolver Turbo Jet 10W-40Download
Wolver Turbo Jet 15W-40Download
Wolver Turbo Evolution 10W-40Download
Wolver Turbo Evolution 15W-40Download
Wolver Turbo Super 10W-40Download
Wolver Turbo Super 15W-40Download
Wolver Turbo Plus 10W-40Download
Wolver Turbo Power 15W-40Download
Mixed Fleet
Wolver Turbo Plus 10W-40Download
Wolver Super Dynamic 15W-40Download
Wolver Super Traffic 10W-40Download
Wolver STOU 10W-30, 80WDownload
Wolver UTTO 80W, ISO VG 46Download
Wolver Four Stroke Power 4T 10W-30Download
Wolver Four Stroke RACING 4T 10W-40Download
2T motorcycles, Scooters
Wolver Two Stroke SPEED 2T Download
LPG and CNG Engines
Wolver Turbo Plus 10W-40Download
Wolver Super Traffic 10W-40Download
Transmission Oils
Automatic Transmission
Wolver Super Fluid ATF 3000 Download
Wolver Super Fluid ATF II D Download
Cars and Vans
WOLVER Multipurpose Gear Oil GL-4 75W-90Download
Wolver Gear Oil GL-5 80W-90Download
Wolver Gear Oil GL-5 85W-140Download
Wolver UTTO 80W, ISO VG 46Download
Wolver STOU 10W-30Download
Automotive Function Fluids
Wolver Antifreeze & Coolant WG12 Konzentrat Download
Wolver AntiFreeze & Coolant WG11 Konzentrat Download
Wolver Antifreeze & Coolant WG12 Ready to Use Download
Wolver Antifreeze & Coolant WG11 Ready to Use Download
Engine internal cleaner
Wolver Motor Flush Adapter Download
Wolver Motor Flush Express Download
Service Products
Wolver Motor Oil Stabilizer Download
Wolver Motor Reanimator Download
Lubricating Greases
Wolver Fenix XHP 2 Download
Wolver Triton WR 2 Download
Wolver Litoplex MS 2 Download
Wolver Litoplex EP 2 Download
Wolver Modelux EP 2 Download
Wolver Optima GP 2 Download
Industrial Lubricants
Hydraulic Fluids
WOLVER Hydrauliköl HVLP 32 Download
WOLVER Hydrauliköl HVLP 46 Download
WOLVER Hydrauliköl HVLP 68 Download
Wolver Hydrauliköl HLP 32 Download
Wolver Hydrauliköl HLP 46 Download
Wolver Hydrauliköl HLP 68 Download