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Synthetic motor oils have a number of significant advantages over mineral oils:

High fluidity allows to reduce friction allowing thereby to decrease fuel consumption and slightly increase engine potency.

Low pumping temperature, which means that the engine will operate without overloads at low outboard temperatures.

Synthetic oil has a high vaporization temperature, i.e. it is less sensitive to overheating.

Chemical stability of the oil is preserved almost during the entire lifetime since it is less oxidized and paraffin impregnated under engine operation.

All these advantages together with the more complex product manufacturing cause a sufficiently high price. A semi-synthetic product is a compromise between these two types of motor oils. Part-synthetic oil is obtained by mixing quality mineral (petroleum) and base synthetic components. As a result we get oil cheaper than fully synthetic oil yet with better performance than the mineral one. Semi-synthetic oil is also suitable for all types of modern engines.

14.11 2014