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New level of protection of your oil!

New level of protection of your oil!

Wolver Lab GmbH company is happy to inform our partners and consumers about innovative changes in the design of all range of our products in cans. Products of our company which are always well differentiated by its modern design and solid level of forgery’s protection now will be even more superior by a new design element.

Colorful upper bottom of cans 1L/4L/5L, from now on will be added in company’s metallized red color, which will add new emphasis to our products and will improve can’s attractiveness. Additionally, this improvement will provide extra protection from forgery.

In the coming month company’s clientele will receive some products in new design and by the beginning of 2018 after working out all cans in old design we plan to supply all range of Wolver products in updated design.

20.09 2017