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A lot of consumers in Ukraine have long and successfull expirience of Wolver oils operation. On May 2017, a new product for the Ukrainian market was presented. Turbo Power 15W-40 CF-4 is а Motor Oil, which was not imported in Ukraine till nowadays.

Wolver Turbo Power 15W-40 oil was specially presented before the season of intensive equipment exploitation. It called to satisfy the all needs of vehicle park owners in reliable quality and moderate product price from German manufacturer.

WOLVER Turbo Power 15W-40 is a multigrade engine oil for heavy loaded equipment, with all types of diesel engines, including turbocharged. Especially effective in the technology of previous generations - in off-road, construction, agricultural, where the manufacturer regulates the use of CF-4 oil grade.

WOLVER Turbo Power 15W-40 is made of highly refined mineral base oils and includes complex additive packages that ensure stable operation, especially in high mileage engines. The oil reliably protects engine parts from oxidation, prevents carbon and lacquer formation, and high-quality detergent bags ensure the purity of the piston group.

WOLVER Turbo Power 15W-40

- intended for previous generations and for modern engines requiring CF-4 oils;

- especially effective in countries with hot climates;

- effectively operates under severe operating conditions.

Detailed characteristics of WOLVER Turbo Power 15W-40 is by the link.

12.05 2017