Wolver Lab GmbH cooperates with leading suppliers of packaging materials, that allows our clients to receive the ordered products as quickly as possible. In this regard, we optimize the sources of packaging materials supply, providing a shipment of ready to use oils just in time.

Wolver Lab GmbH reserves the right to make changes into configuration, packaging material without customer approval, provided that such changes wouldn’t harm to the established Wolver brand packaging concept. Due to the fact that the tin and metal containers are manufactured on different production lines some deviation is allowed: density and color printing on a semitone, the presence or absence of ribs on the container, the welding joint forms and location, stamping elements without harming to the whole packaging appearance.

We strive to improve the protection of our products against counterfeiting  by introducing advanced technologies in the field of packaging and warehouse logistics, thus making the product easier to transport for long distances and further sales.

Wolver Lab GmbH constantly works with feedbacks of our major trading partners and listens carefully to the recommendations in the field of assortment and logistics optimization. That makes Wolver products widely demanded around the world.

WOLVER – your professional partner in supply of oils and greases.