Business with Wolver

Wolver Lab GmbH is always open for new collaborations!

Wolver Lab GmbH is a recognized expert in the global oils and greases market, specializing in the supply of products with an additional extra durability. When choosing partners to promote Wolver products in the regions we prefer specialized distribution companies aimed at providing consumers with high-quality products in one or several countries. We evaluate carefully the effectiveness of the system of distribution of our partners and work only with the worthiest ones. We build long-term relationships with our partners and value them.

The company offers reasonable prices for oils and greases, providing marketing support both on international scape and to individual distributors. Products under brand Wolver are optimized both for developed and emerging markets, taking into account their regional characteristics and peculiarities.

 Regardless of the complexity of the requests of our customers, we are always ready to meet their need for oils and greases at favorable terms.

Wolver Lab GmbH is a reliable partner for your business. For cooperation in Eastern Europe, contact the official distributor in the region.